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Dongguan Yongxing moisture desiccant beads Factory  
Add:Jianshazhou Industrial,Wanjiang District,Dongguan City,China
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About Us

DONGGUAN YONGXIANG DAMPPROOF ANTIMICROBIAL MATERIAL CO., LTD.(Dongguan Yongxing Moisture desiccant beads Factory) was established in 2001, professional development, production and sales of various types of moisture dried product. With superior technical strength and advanced production equipment, successfully developed various types of environmentally friendly series of desiccant products are: 1. international environmental non-DMF silica gel desiccant; 2. does not contain cobalt chloride color silica gel desiccant; 3. non-container desiccant container DMF, 4. non-DMF desiccant; 5. non-DMF drugs desiccant; 6. strong absorbent desiccant; 7. cold agent/ desiccant cooling; 8. Montmorillonite desiccant; 9. mineral desiccants; 10. lime desiccant; 11. molecular sieve desiccant; 12. insulating glass desiccant; 13. moisture-proof paper/ moisture-proof film/ dry film/ dry paper; 14. deodorants deodorization agent (activated carbon); 15. antifungal agents; 16. international environmental non-DMF mold piece MICRO-PAK; 17. international environmental non-DMF mold paper; 18. International Quality deoxida...

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